Embracing Personalities

July 20, 2017

How many of you guys are introverts? Extroverts? A little of both? I feel like I’m more of an introvert most of the time, but I’m also an extrovert when I need to be. I’ve always struggled because I like being outgoing and talking to people, but I would always feel super super drained after doing that kinda stuff.  I couldn’t really figure out why, because I just assumed I was an extrovert. Since figuring out I was a little more of an introvert, I kind of got discouraged & comparative (what girl isn’t?). I wanted to be outgoing all the time and be able to small talk with people easily. I watched a video a few months ago & it talked about comparison and strengths & weaknesses. I’m gonna be vulnerable and tell you guys what my weakness is. I feel like I compare myself a lot of the time to everyone around me, to situations, to personalities, and just a lot of things that I shouldn’t be. I know that other girls struggle with this a ton, and it’s a hard thing. We need to let go of who we think we should be to who we actually are. Our greatest weakness is a strength that’s redirected. So instead of comparing myself in a negative way, I’ve started to redirect my weakness & embrace others beauty & situations & personalities, instead of questioning my own. I hope you guys will do the same! I’m thankful Gods given me the strength and vulnerability to do it. I saw this post the other day and I HAVE to share it with y’all because it’s gold!

I’m not good at small talk, I literally get sweaty and awkward and it’s not pretty all the way around. It’s like I forget who I am and what words are. Actual words… gone from my mouth. I used to hate this about myself. It made me feel like I was a really bad at being a normal human. That was until I started to embrace my introvertedness. Introverts hate small talk because they would rather have a meaningful one on one conversation with people. It’s true. I would rather curl up on the couch with you and talk about your favorite outfit, the latest bachelorette episode and exactly why we could be pizza soul sisters. Loving to be around a ton of people or making small talk isn’t bad, its just not me and that’s ok! Embrace who you are!

Learning who we are and owning it is one of the most beautiful things we can do for ourselves. Still waters run deep, so sometimes it’s a great thing to just be quiet & observe what’s going on instead of saying every little thing that comes to mind. Being an extrovert isn’t bad either! I’m very much both, but embracing who we are and owning it is so important!


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