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Combatting Lies

May 17, 2017

Hi friends!

I’m gonna be honest with you guys. There’s been times where I struggle with not focusing on the truth and get caught up in the lies that come from me or other people. I’m sure you have been there before and it’s not always the best feeling. It’s probably because we give the lies the same authority as truth. Why should we hold them to the same standard? The truth is so high, and so solid and so constant, and cannot be shaken. Whereas lies are false and they will crumble.

When lies pop into our head, we shouldn’t be thinking “I need to combat this big lie with a big truth.” That’s all good, but we shouldn’t be giving this lie the same authority as truth. We should be combatting lies by ignoring them. That’s it. Get rid of em. Psalm 94 says

“When doubts filled my mind, Your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.”

Jesus literally comforts us. He is strong when we are weak. He is constant and He is here. The moment we believe & listen to the lies is the moment the devil gets us in a foothold and drags us down. I heard someone say this a few days ago and dang, it was good.

“The way people treat you and the things they say about you is not a reflection of you, but a reflection of them.”

Whether its people saying things to you, or it’s just the things you’re thinking. The lies are lies. Our value is not in the voices. Not the voice that says we’re getting bad grades, we need to try harder, we’re not good people, we’re gonna¬†fail, things aren’t gonna work out, we’re not pretty enough or we’re worthless. Our value does not come from those things. Our value comes from the One who made us. God speaks to us in a language of love. If we’re focusing and speaking to ourselves in a negative way, we’re not gonna hear all the good things He’s trying to tell us about ourselves. He calls us lovely and that’s what we should be listening to.


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