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May 9, 2017

Hey hey friends! Color personality tests are something that I just started digging deeper in and something i think EVERYONE should take. There’s no right or wrong personality. Everyone is so different and so awesome no matter what your personality is. It’s even better when we understand how to be our best selves after learning more about it. It’s so helpful when people we’re around take it too so we can understand how to communicate better with them! You guys can look up any of these tests to see what personality type you are because it’s pretty awesome. Alright, lets do this.

Full Spectrum Success – 

This is one of my favorites. There’s 4 different personality types in this one. Red, Blue, Green, & Yellow. They each tell you a troublesome shade (which is the shade when we don’t really understand how to use it), a typical shade (which is the shade where we kind of understand, but not using it to benefit us), and the true shade (which is the shade where we understand what will help us and make us better).

Reds: They are confident, & love challenges. They have a strong desire to win. Quick decision making skills. Like conflict. They don’t need the approval of others. They tend to move quickly towards goals. Mindful of others needs. Love the attention of victory. Spontaneous and outgoing, and they’re competitive.

Blues: They are mindful of others time. Consider consequences of their actions before they act. They are the life of the party and love to have fun. They have an energetic behavior and most people love to be around them. They focus to stay on track with goals and desires. They’re compassionate, helpful, detail-oriented, and enthusiastic.

Greens: Typically overanalyze things. Skeptical, but love to solve problems. They like details and they make well-informed, careful decisions. They always have a well thought out plan, they get to the bottom of a situation quickly. They’re valuable friends to have. They can empathize and help, form a solution, and stand firm. They’re often thinkers & inventors.

Yellows: Emotionally insecure, Often gullible, and indecisive. Friendly, loyal and honest. They love team activities and participation. They try to avoid conflict, but know how to express their emotions. They are responsible, disciplined, and observant. Capable of “tough love”. They’re the ultimate team members, supporters and peacemakers.

Usually when you take personality tests, they give you the top 2 you’re most like. I”m a Red-Yellow. They definitely got that right, but they’re complete opposite of each other, so it’s kinda interesting. Hahaha.

DISC Personality – 

DISC stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Contentiousness.

D: Likes to be brief and to the point. Likes recognition and appreciation. Focused on results and will do anything to get there. Gets to the bottom of a problem quickly. (A lot like Red, huh?)

I: Likes to talk about themselves. Likes to be included, and talked to. Loves to have fun.

S: They like when people express genuine interest in them, give them support, and show sincere appreciation. They are patient and pleasant.

C: They provide facts. Like things detailed and accurate. Likes people to give them space, independence and time to analyze things.

I’m a DCSI.

Myers Briggs –

This test has 16 different personality types so i’m just gonna tell y’all what i got and what it is and you can totally look up the other 15 ones! It’s super interesting.

I got ENTJ-T which is the commander. They’re naturally curious. It means Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging.

Sometimes your personality changes. Usually it’s when something drastic happens. Good or bad. I used to be a yellow-blue, SCID, and an INFJ-T a few years ago. There’s been so many things that’ve happened since then. Some good, some bad. There was one thing that happened last year that really tested me and I think that’s when I became more of a Red personality. I really started investing in me and discovering who God made me to be. I believe that He made every one of us different so that we can help each other and encourage each other. If you guys haven’t taken any of these tests, i really encourage you to do that! They help us and the people around us. It can show us how to be better versions of ourselves and live out the life God is calling us to.

If you DO end up taking the tests, let me know what you got! Can’t wait to hear more about you!



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